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Who We Are:

Shining Horizons Therapeutic Riding Association (SHTRA) was established in 1996. Our objective is to provide a horseback riding program for mentally and physically challenged people as a source of enjoyment, therapeutic exercise, and recreational sport.

What We Do:

Therapeutic riding is the use of horses and equine-assisted activities to provide a wide range of long-term benefits for the rider. Horseback riding is unique in that it provides physical benefits to a broad range of physical impairments. Riders experience improved balance and muscle strength, improved postural control, increased range of motion of the joints, endurance and cardiovascular conditioning, to name a few.


Your donations are essential in supporting our mission of improving the quality of life for children with special needs through equine oriented therapy and activities.

Money raised provides equipment to our program such as helmets, safety stirrups and instructional aids.  It will also allow us to train new instructors so that we can expand our program.


Being a volunteer in a therapeutic riding program gives a sense of achievement, as riders improve their physical condition and all around well being. It instills an awareness of the needs of people with disabilities. It is an opportunity to work with and help others as well as meet new people, make new friends and have fun. And it doesn’t hurt that it also helps your fitness level.